These words define and their international network of attorneys.  We place a premium on creativity, hard work, and sound legal strategy, but our primary focus is on understanding and meeting our client’s needs.  Latinlaw was established to meet the growing need for global expertise in environmental, aviation, maritime, corporate fraud and antitrust cases – all of which have major cross-border implications.
We approach each case by gaining a complete and thorough understanding of our international client’s needs.  Our world network of attorneys, each with their independent law firm, have the legal experience, creativity, sound legal reasoning, and plane hard work to achieve the results needed by our clients.  We are careful to never lose sight of how the specific dispute and its resolution will impact our clients in the short and long term.  We have often used mediation as an effective and rapid method to resolve international disputes.  Key to mediation is assuring that we have the litigation strength to back-up our conciliatory positions.
Tireless, Creative, Pragmatic, Results Oriented